Waymo's fully self-driving cars are here

07 November, 2017, 21:18 | Author: Salvatore Jensen
  • Waymo's fully self-driving cars are here

There are many companies testing self-driving cars in the United States and elsewhere.

Google's self-driving auto spinoff, Waymo, will be the first company to pull engineers from the driver's seat of its autonomous vehicles testing on public roads.

Google's fleet of self-driving cars have hit the roads without a human driver for the first time. He revealed this during a conference in Lisbon, Portugal today. While self-driving auto companies have routinely tested their vehicles on public roads, they usually have a human sitting behind the wheel ready to take over should the autonomous technology fail. That's certainly going to be an unnerving experience for someone who has never been in a self-driving auto before. With Waymo officially pulling safety driver's from the front seat, the West Coast company is pulling ahead and again threatening to beat Detroit at its own game.

These cars won't be able to go wherever they want in Arizona.

While Krafcik has yet to say exactly when Waymo's ride-hailing service will launch, the first metropolitan area where people will be able to order a Waymo is Phoenix, he said.

Although it has outlined its autonomous vehicles' safety procedures in the past-and today's announcement mentioned the word "safe" 10 times-Waymo wasn't immediately available to explain how riders will actually be able to halt a ride if they feel unsafe. During this next phase, Waymo will slowly expand the area it operates in to cover 600 square miles.