Apple iOS 11.3 update to give users more power

26 January, 2018, 02:54 | Author: Julian Harrison
  • Apple iOS 11.3 update to give users more power

Some of the other additions in iOS 11.3 are available, though.

Apple is beginning to preview the next big significant point update to the iOS 11.3. News of the arrival of the feature comes not long after WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business - an app dedicated to helping businesses connect with consumers. Apple says Messages will support Business Chats, allowing businesses to communicate directly with users. Additionally, users can schedule appointments and make purchases using Apple Pay on Business Chat. An initial beta is available today, but the battery features haven't yet been implemented. iPhone X users will now be able to create Animoji videos in four new characters of lion, bear, dragon and skull.

Where possible we will compare iOS 11.3 to iOS 10 so you know what is changing when you upgrade. This ARKit will be able to accurately map irregularly shaped surfaces and place virtual objects on vertical surfaces. The view of the real world through the camera will get 50% greater resolution and support for auto-focus will be added.

Apple hopes to move past the battery controversy which erupted late a year ago by introducing new battery health features in iOS 11.3. Which medical institutions will be participating when the feature rolls out is still unclear. You'll be able to pull up lab results, medications, allergy information, and more through the app, according to Apple. The data will be encrypted and password protected. Users can expect new features that "show battery health and recommend if a battery needs to be serviced". Apple will also allow users to see if the power management feature is turned on, and choose to turn it off.

Apple says that iOS 11.3 will give users a menu where they can check the status of their battery and disable the performance throttling, if the feature is active. The updates would be having some new ARKit features and the promised update for managing the batteries. This could be the first step to turn the subscription service into a video streaming platform to take on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Users can stream all the music videos they want without being interrupted by ads. There's also the ability to use the multi-room audio feature of AirPlay 2 to play back audio to multiple Apple TV devices in multiple locations.



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