America Warns About the Expanding nuclear capabilities in Pyongyang

09 February, 2018, 05:25 | Author: Edward Snyder
  • The Backbone of Russia's'Nuclear Triad: Strategic Missile Forces

Kissinger presciently noted that such a turn of events would require a dramatic overhaul of the entire USA nuclear posture, as it would require strategic planners to mitigate multiple nuclear threats instead of one as now assumed.

The new doctrine did not mark a departure or U-turn in USA defense policy but rather was an extension of policies and tendencies that had been developing under previous presidents, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, he recalled.

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons inhibits the spread of atomic weapons beyond the five nuclear weapons states at the time of its inception - the U.S., Russia, the U.K., France and China - and calls on these nuclear powers to proceed in good faith with nuclear disarmament talks.

The argument for pre-emptive action is that the United States cannot suppose that it can deter the Kim regime from using its weapons, because it is irrational.

The Unification Ministry said no final decision had been made but it was in consultation with Washington and others to temporarily lift the ban to facilitate the North's proposal.

"At the same time, it should be prepared for various scenarios - for example, how it will respond to North Korea's reaction to South Korea-US joint military drills expected to resume after the Olympics". In this scenario, the North Korean leadership would confront a stark choice of either using these weapons of mass destruction to maximum effect or risk losing them in follow-on U.S. precision munition strikes.

Kimball noted that the NPR assumes that other nuclear-armed countries are "getting ahead" with their nuclear capabilities, and the United States is not. Until that day comes, the United States must adopt a containment strategy and strong deterrent posture against similar to the Cold War, which will eventually produce the same result as when the Berlin Wall fell. "The strategic situation is not radically different from what it was five, even 10, years ago", he said.

Since coming to power, the Trump administration has been deliberating over whether to carry out preventive strikes to degrade Pyongyang's ability to sprint to the finish line of acquiring a deployable ICBM that can hit the continental United States with a nuclear payload.

"I think it's highly unlikely that Russia would use nuclear weapons in a conflict outside of Russia", he said, adding that there is sufficient deterrence to prevent Russia from doing so.

U.S. Marines engaged in street fighting during the liberation of Seoul, circa late September 1950.

"There will be political opposition to this". The initial report said $1.2 trillion would be needed to upgrade and modernize America's nuclear arsenal. The Pentagon has also argued that the US must respond by developing similar weapons. "No one has come up with anything better so far", he said.

He also said arsenals in China and Russian Federation were expanding, drawing rebukes from their respective delegations.



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