Low-carb or low-fat diet? Both work well

22 February, 2018, 01:21 | Author: Tina Rodriquez
  • Your DNA won't determine the best diet to help you lose weight

It all depends on the person - although they haven't yet been able to determine the all important characteristics that determine which camp you fall into.

"We've all heard stories of a friend who went on one diet - it worked great - and then another friend tried the same diet, and it didn't work at all", Gardner said in a statement. Maybe we shouldn't be asking what's the best diet, but what's the best diet for whom?' The recruited individuals - who hailed from northern California - were split into two groups: "healthy" low-carb and "healthy" low-fat.

Similarly, there was also no interaction between the extent of weight loss after a year with diet-insulin secretion (INS-30) (ß 0.08, -0.13 to 0.28, P=0.47). Reducing either carbohydrates or fats from the diet shaves off excess weight in about the same proportion, claims a new study. It may be that some people find low-fat or low-carb diets easier to stick to, because of personal preference.

They found both groups lost weight equally well, averaging around 6kg.

Within the 12 month period, an average of 13 pounds were lost per person - that's just under 6 kgs - although some participants lost up 60 pounds (27.5 kgs) while others gained 20 pounds (9 kgs). One followed a low-carb diet, which started off pretty aggressively as participants were allowed to eat only 20 grams of carbs per day - that's no more than one a half slices of whole wheat bread.

"Eliminating refined grains, added sugars and maximizing vegetable intake in both groups seems to suggest that steering individuals toward either a low-fat or low-carb diet is not as helpful as the diet quality", Sheth, who wasn't involved in the study, said by email. Yet another theory is that carbs and fats are the main sources of calories in American diets, so if you significantly cut back on one or the other you're nearly certain to cut back on calories too.

They say the differences from previous study findings may be because this study stressed the importance of eating healthy whole foods, rather than eating any food so long as it was either low-fat or low-carb. But as per a recent study, neither approach is better than the other for you to shed those kilos of weight.

Besides comparing low fat and low carb eating plans for weight loss, Dr. Gardner and his colleagues also looked at whether levels of insulin production or genetic factors affected individual weight loss and made one diet better than another among those trying to lose weight, as some experts have suggested.

According to the DIETFITS (Diet Intervention Examining The Factors Interacting with Treatment Success) trial, weight loss after 12 months was similar between the diet types, with an average weight loss of 11.68 pounds for the healthy low-fat (HLF) diet and 12.23 pounds for the healthy low-carbohydrate group (HLC) (mean between-group difference, 1.54 pounds, 95% CI -0.44 to 3.53 pounds). "But let's cut to the chase: We didn't replicate [our previous] study, we didn't even come close".

Michela Vagnini, a nutritionist for Natures Plus, has advocated the support of a healthy balanced and nutritious diet for a healthy life. "I still think there is an opportunity to discover some personalisation to it [dieting] - now we just need to work on tying the pieces together".



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