Apple CEO takes aim at Facebook over privacy

01 April, 2018, 00:53 | Author: Salvatore Jensen
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Social media network Facebook, which has recently come under fire over its handling of user data, has now been harshly criticized by Apple CEO Tim Cook. He follows that with: "We've elected not to do that". We're not going to traffic in your personal life.

"Privacy to us is a human right", Cook said. In an interview in the US, Cook also said that that he would never have been in a position in which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had landed himself.

"What would I do?" replied Cook.

Said Cook: "We don't subscribe to the view that you have to let everyone in that wants to or if you don't, you don't believe in free speech..." In 2016, the US Department of Justice had ordered Apple to create a custom firmware that would allow investigators to circumvent the company's security features. I think, in general, technology is an increasingly important trend in the world.

"At stake is the data security of hundreds of millions of law-abiding people and setting a risky precedent that threatens everyone's civil liberties", he continued.

"Cook also took a swipe at Amazon's Jeffrey P. Bezos when Chris Hayes asked the former Amazon's much-publicized search for a location for its new campus". China was given the infamous title of the worst abuser of internet freedom for a third year in a row, due to government censorship and restrictions of basic online services and an nearly complete lack of digital privacy.

And when Cook was asked what he would do if he were in Zuckerberg's shoes amid all this controversy, Apple's chief executive was incredibly direct. Now he has to deal with a #DeleteFacebook campaign that is trending, and is expected to testify before Congress on how something like this could happen in the first place.

Cook's interview is part of MSNBC's "Revolution" series, which will air on April 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Several tech companies have voiced their frustrations with Facebook's handling of the recent Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal.

Despite what Cook said directly, and obliquely, about Facebook, the fact remains that Facebook is an app in Apple's App Store.

"You are not our product", Cook declared.



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