Central Intelligence Agency nominee Gina Haspel should renounce torture

14 May, 2018, 00:48 | Author: Edward Snyder
  • 'I am pi**ed off!' CNN's Phil Mudd isn't buying Dem's 'collective amnesia' on legal CIA interrogation

Sen. Rand Paul is criticizing Gina Haspel, President Donald Trump's pick to head the CIA, for not declassifying her role in the agency's "extreme rendition and torture-by-proxy", arguing that the lack of candor disqualified her from the role.

Ms. Haspel, a 33-year veteran of the agency, has spent much of her career in clandestine service.

Donnelly is up for re-election in a state Trump won handily in 2016.

Over the past few days, Mike Braun, the Republican nominee for Senate in IN, attacked Donnelly for being undecided on Haspel's nomination and playing a political game with his vote, the Washington Free Beacon reported. But more than 90 former USA ambassadors and diplomats and more than 100 retired generals and admirals have signed letters, raising concerns about her nomination and the extent of her role in "enhanced" interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, as well as destroying evidence of the activities many call torture.

Haspel, the acting director of the CIA, told members of the Senate Intelligence Committee during her confirmation hearing on Wednesday that, if confirmed, she would not restart the interrogation program.

Donnelly announced that he will be voting to confirm Haspel after a " tough, frank, and extensive discussion".

McCain, who was himself detained and tortured for five years during the Vietnam War, has vocally opposed Haspel's nomination for CIA Director based on her role overseeing the torture of detainees after 9/11.

However, that forbearance was turned into active opposition by Haspel's performance at her confirmation hearing.

Now, suppose, which was true, there wasn't just one child, but thousands of Americans of all ages, who could be saved with enhanced interrogation? At this point the captain said we were getting the hell out of there, so I have no idea what happened. McCain is recovering from surgery related to his brain cancer in Arizona and was not expected to be present when the Senate votes on Haspel's nomination.

Shelby should heed his Republican colleague Sen.

Donnelly says Haspel also pledged to provide what he calls "unvarnished assessments" to both Congress and the president.

Former Green Beret and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy has published a video, where he willingly undergoes waterboarding - a torture technique designed to create the feeling of drowning. Haspel said: "I would not allow Central Intelligence Agency to undertake activity that I thought is immoral, even if it is technically legal". Would Harris still be on her moral high horse and insist that we not use whatever means necessary to stop mass murder?

The White House has noted that Haspel has backing from a number of Obama- and Bush-era intelligence officials including former CIA Directors Leon Panetta, John Brennan and Michael Hayden. If confirmed, she would become the first woman to lead the agency.



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