Samsung Galaxy X said to be the firm's first gaming phone

27 July, 2018, 21:14 | Author: Julian Harrison
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We are now two weeks away from the launch of the Galaxy Note 9, and Samsung has now revealed the first batch of video teasers of the device.

Epic, for several months now, has been promising that Fortnite will be available on Android this summer. Personally, I love my Galaxy Note 8, but do find that its 3,300mAh battery is often completely dead after a day of moderate use. However, we will need to see if you can attach the same USB-C dongle to the Galaxy Note 9 and attach multiple peripherals through it, and this also includes a monitor. We've already seen quite a few photos of the phone in both live and press render forms, but Samsung has just published a trio of teasers meant to get us excited for the launch.

While Fortnite has been on iPhones since March, it hasn't yet made the drop to Android.

And if that's not incentive enough, people who pre-order the phone will reportedly get $100 to $150 worth of V-Bucks, Fortnite's virtual currency that players buy with real money.

The Galaxy Note 9 will be powered by either a Snapdragon 845 (US & China) or an Exynos 9810 (the rest of the world), with 6GB of RAM, which should make the phone lightning fast.

XDA Developers' source also tells them that Epic and Samsung are hoping to get Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, the top Fortnite streamer on board to promote the launch, possibly at Samsung Unpacked 2018. Chances are, the new ultra-powerful smartphone will release either on August 9th, or shortly after.

Console exclusives are nothing new to gamers, but pairing a wildly mobile game with the release of a brand new phone that's estimated to cost over $1,000 is unusual, to say the least. "A lot can change in a day" is the tagline for the video, and it ends with the date August 9, which is when the firm is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 9.



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