Ginn and Topics, an introduction

Welcome to my new blog, and it shouldn’t be the same as my old blog. At least that’s what I’m shooting for.

My other blog is CoachellaMusicandMore. I started it as a music blog because I’m a big fan and hoped someday it would lead to VIP passes to Coachella. That strategy didn’t work out too well. But I love sharing my experience of the 10 Coachellas I’ve been too, including the last nine. OK, I didn’t write that frequently, but it was fun to share. I didn’t have much of an audience either, but I like to think of it as a slow growth. People will eventually find it. Won’t they?

This blog will mostly have sports stuff. It’s what I did as a professional since 1986. Well, fulltime in 1997. I’ve covered college football, tennis, boxing, NBA, swimming and I’m sure other things I can’t remember. I also did celebrity news from the Bob Hope Classic, a PGA golf tournament in the Palm Springs area. As of this writing, I no long work for a paper, so I have more freedom to share my thoughts and observations.

I will also cover food, hoping I can write off some of these bills. Hopefully that will work better than the VIP passes. I guess I should have talked to the accountant. But I’m more of a hole-in-the-wall diner. Not too many high-end restaurants will be reviewed her, unless I find a sugar mama to fatten me up.

Some of the stuff here will have a serious tone. I think some will not. Hopefully it will be a fun read and worth your time.

Leighton Ginn


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