Dream weaver: Manny Pacquiao knows the results of his fights weeks before through his dreams


By Leighton Ginn


Manny Pacquiao said a month prior to his mega-fight against Floyd Mayweather, he had a dream that things would not go well.

And Pacquiao said it wasn’t the first time he’s gotten messages about his fights while in deep slumber.

Pacquiao shared his experience with a group of reporters after his Grand Arrival on Tuesday to promote his third fight with Timothy Bradley. The welterweight bout will be Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and will be televised on HBO pay-per-view.

It will be the first time Pacquiao has fought in a year, when he lost to Mayweather in the richest prize fight in history.

“In my dream, I saw there was a problem,” Pacquiao said. “In the morning, I told my company, my friends and my pastor. This is one month before the fight.

“In my dream, I had lost the fight and there was a controversy.”

Pacquiao lost the fight by majority decision, and created a stir when he said he had a shoulder injury and the Nevada Athletic Commission refused to let him take a cortisone shot before the fight. Mayweather had his own controversy, which included having an IV following the weigh ins, raising questions of why would he even need an IV and if there was another reason for having it other than hydration.

This isn’t the first time Pacquiao has had a dream that would foretell what will happen in his fights.

Among his positive dreams were beating Oscar de la Hoya and Miguel Cotto, two of the bigger victories of his career. Pacquiao also had a dream about his knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez, where he was out for two minutes and facedown.

Pacquiao also indicated he had a dream about Saturday’s fight against Bradley, but he wouldn’t reveal what it was.



  1. Jeff · April 7, 2016

    https://youtu.be/fcC9_cqy2L8. This is the replay of PAC beating Jr . This is what the world of boxing should see. The Truth !”


  2. bokno1 · April 7, 2016

    Hi! I have two tickets to Saturday night’s Manny P fight in Vegas. I am letting them go cheap. Do you know anyone who is interested?


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