Coachella acts that were worth the heat stroke



By Leighton Ginn

Since Coachella begins at 11 a.m. each day, it’s safe to say many haven’t slept off their hangovers by then to brave the scorching desert heat.

But here’s a few times when I got out in the heat of the day and the acts made it worth it.



Hives Arson

With the brash lead singer Hollin’ Pelle Almqvist and lead guitarist Nicholaus Arson, these guys will melt your face off if the sun didn’t.

The two times The Hives played at Coachella it was before sunset, roughly around 4 p.m. That meant you had the setting sun in the west beating down on you.

But each time, The Hives lived up to their reputation as one of the best live bands around.

It’s part punk, part rock n roll and all fun.

Hives Pelle

Here they are performing their breakout hit “Hate To Say I Told You So.”




It’s not often you’ll find a rhythm and blues band at Coachella, but the Los Angeles based Vintage Trouble is just that.

They had a noon slot in a brutally hot year in 2013, but people who left the show were energized.

For the second weekend, Vintage Trouble got bumped up to a later time to help capitalize on their buzz.

Many legendary artist have had Vintage Trouble tour with them, including The Who and AC DC.





Unfortunately, this band broke up in 2015, but they also had a noon-time set and really established a party feel for the year they played Coachella in 2012.

Described as symphonic pop, Wolf Gang has these epic songs that reminds you of the 70s, but a feel and sound that’s definitely 80s influenced.





This gets confusing because of the Hall of Fame sisters from Seattle, but I stumbled upon Haerts at Coachella 2015 and was mesmerized by lead singer Nini Fabi.

It was a great combination of performance, songwriting and a great voice.

I kind of hope they change their names so they don’t always get confused with Ann and Nancy Wilson.

This group is a force.

“Giving Up” has become a favorite.






I didn’t catch Metric until 2013, and they were the first band I caught that year. I had liked their music, but watching Emily Haines in person with her commanding presence really won me over.

That year Coachella used Metric’s “Artificial Nocturne” for a recap video.

But that song also started Metric’s set, and established this was going to be a powerful show, and Haines is a fierce force.



Pure fun and energy, thanks to lead singer Matthew Shultz.

Seeing them live propelled their work to another level.

I caught Shultz to start the 2009 Coachella for me, and Shultz was amazing. At the end of the show, he crowd surfed to the back.

That’s when my friend Ashley Winchester caught up with him for a picture.

Cage returned in 2011 and Shultz performed in a dress. Some great performance, but took a little getting used to. The strangest was when Shultz was dressed up kind of pretty and clean-cut. That was the most mind-blowing.

Whenever Cage is at Coachella, I make a point to see them.


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