Coachella must-see list for Saturday



By Leighton Ginn

Today will be a good day.

Yes, Guns N Roses is the big headliner, but the big attraction will be Ice Cube.

Cube and NWA are a week removed from their induction into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and there are thoughts of a reunion during his set.

I’m not a big rap fan, but I’m a fan of Ice Cube. When I say that, I’m not trying to be like KISS and rip hip hop and rap. (Hey, maybe Ice Cube will cover a KISS song during his set).

But I appreciate rap more as I get older, and but I did like “It Was A Good Day” when it first came out.


Of course the big headliner is Guns N Roses, as Axl Rose and Slash will perform together, indicating Hell really has frozen over.

Don’t expect the snake dance from Axl. He broke his foot last week before their shows in Las Vegas.

Axl will perform seated, on a throne during his two shows. I feel like we saw this last year with Florence + the Machine, who was later ripped off by Dave Grohl, whose throne will be used by Axl.

Talk about six degrees of separation. I’m talking about the Kevin Bacon game, not the level of break in the foot.

Axl, notorious for being late, if he does show up, has really promoted this return, especially to Coachella. So I would expect there would be no shenanigans.

Also, Axl is in negotiations with AC-DC, headliners at last year’s Coachella. Maybe AC DC could be special guests? Would it be mind-blowing to see Slash and Angus Young on stage together shredding? One can only hope.

Sometimes with reunions, you have to worry about rust. Two years ago, OutKast kicked off their reunion at Coachella and it took them time to refine their groove.

But having performed at the Troubadour in LA and in Las Vegas, these guys look ready to rock.


The Arcs are the side band of Dan Auerbach, the lead singer of The Black Keys, and they’ve been putting out some good music. The Black Keys have been a favorite of Coachella as they’ve brought them back several times, and for good reason.

Auerbach is coming off an uncomfortable appearance at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame where he and Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney inducted Steve Miller, who went on a tirade.

Auerbach had an interested interview with Rolling Stones and said they regret inducting him.

Here’s hoping Coachella will be cathartic for Auerbach.


Chvrches have a great group of fans, as I’ve recently discovered. I have to re-emphasize their music is fantastic and one of the most exciting groups to come out recently. Their second CD is a great follow-up.


But they’re new CD is great, as was the first one, so I’m anxious to see them again.


I’ve missed Gary Clark Jr. a few times and each time my friends keep raving about how great he is. So this year, I’ll make him a priority.

He’s emerged as one of the elite guitarist of our time and the leading new voice.








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