Coachella must-see list for Sunday


By Leighton Ginn

I’m not sure if there’s a band that’s more fun to see live than Matt & Kim.

I went to see them in 2011 at the Sunset Strip Music Festival after they had an electric performance on Jimmy Fallon when he was on Late Night.

They bring so much energy to their shows you can’t help but have a good time.

Matt has this big smile that he always reminded me of Kenneth the Page from “30 Rock.” And Kim, she’s crazy in the best sense of the word. The photo above is her showing off a tattoo.

I tried to catch their Coachella set several years ago, but the tent was overflowing. This year, they’ll be on the main stage, so hopefully it won’t be a problem getting to them this year.


Miike Snow is someone I’ve been wanting to watch for a long time. The one time they were at Coachella, I had to leave early. Just know, eating something high in fiber might be good for your health, but not good if you wanted to catch some great acts on a Saturday night.

This band was great with “Animal,” and they have another monster hit now with “Genghis Khan.” This will be a problem as there’s some overlap with headliner Calvin Harris, and they will be performing in the Mojave tent. Will have to get there early, assuming there’s not many Calvin Harris and Miike Snow crossover fans.


Cold War Kids is a great Coachella band, so I’m a little surprised they aren’t on the main stage and there will be a slight overlap with Matt and Kim.

But they had one of my favorite songs of 2013 in “Miracle Mile,” and have since come out with another strong CD in 2014 . “First” became another huge hit for the band in 2015.

It really feels like these guys are hitting on all cylinders and are at the top of their game.


Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats and The Heavy are my most disappointing overlap. I really was hoping to catch both and I’m left with a really tough decision.

Rateliff has really been a great new band for me, evidenced by their spot on the main stage.

There’s a great spirit of rockabilly to their sound and it’s a lot of fun. “SOB” is a great song, but I’m really digging “I Need Never Get Old.”


The Heavy has the coolest grooves to come in a long time. “How You Like Me Now” is a great song that might have been overexposed on commercials.

Joywave seems fun and I’m targeting in the early part of Sunday. And it’s not just because of the nudity involved in their video for “Tongues.”




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