Coachella 2016, Day 1 recap


By Leighton Ginn

Coming into this year’s Coachella, I thought Friday would be a light day, but it turned out to be a very strong day.

Highlights were LCD Soundsystem’s fantastic headlining set, and Of Monsters and Men and Ellie Goulding’s sets that were better the second time around.

Here’s a look

Robert DeLong



He has great songs and proved to be very talented and fun to watch. However the show was a little uneven. Maybe it’s not having as deep as catalog.

But he was amazing, going to different spots on stage for an impressive one-man show.



A good show. I got a little distracted when I saw Aaron Paul in the VIP area, and I guy I thought could have been Jared Leto, but in a massive beard.

The music was good, but … sorry. I’m just a big Breaking Bad fan.

Of Monsters and Men


I love watching them and listening to them. Both lead singers, Nanna Bryndis  Hilmarsdottir and Ragnar Porhallson,   have tremendous voices, and it’s special to hear them live.

As great as their music sounds on CDs, it’s got other layers that you can only hear live.

It’s really great how they also complement each other.


Going through their set, it’s been an impressive array of hits they’ve put together in two CDs, including “Little Talks,” “Crystals,” “Mountain Sound,” and “Kings and Lionhearts.”



An incredibly fun show that exceeded my expectations.  Great 80s vibe.

Ellie Goulding


Wow, she just keeps getting better and better. Her show had a lot of energy and a ton of hits.

I was blown away with her stripped down version of “Light,” her breakout hit. It put her fantastic voice on full display for a powerful performance.

If Coachella was going to break its streak of all-male headliners, Goulding could be a contender when she returns in a few years. That catalog of her it so full of hits.

LCD Soundsystem

At the end of the night, when all the second-hand smoke starts to collect on the main stage, LCD Soundsystem seems like just the right band.

And to put on the kind of show they did takes big balls, or at least one very big disco ball.

LCD Soundsystem has a diverse array of songs, from fast and fun, to moody. It all blended well. And they helped end the show by covering David Bowie’s “We Can Be Heroes,” a very nice touch and very well done.

One song that stuck out with a faster version of their hit “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House.” Fun set.


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