Coachella Day 3 recap: Crazy fun



By Leighton Ginn

On a main stage that featured Ice Cube and Axl Rose, who would have thought the dirtiest stuff to come out of someone’s mouth would be Kim Schifino.

How’s that for Gangsta.

Sunday proved to be a fun day. But left early during Calvin Harris’ set and missed Rhianna.

But here’s a rundown.

The Heavy


I only got to catch the tail end, but it’s surprising they are playing so early considering the kind of hits they have with “How You Like Me Now” and “What Makes A Good Man.”

But in a tent in the afternoon allows you to get a much more intimate show, and it’s a great deal.

They made it come alive.

Wish I could have caught more.



I have to admit, when I saw the lead singer come out, my first thought was, “what’s the IT guy doing up there?”

But Daniel Armbruster is a great front man, with a lot of energy, and funny stories in between that captures the feel of a very New York band.

The group from Rochester, N.Y. is in the early part of their career, but it feels like they have what it takes to be a lasting force in this business, with great songs like “Somebody New” and “Destruction” to build on.

They also make good use of the multimedia, as their digital background was part of the show and cleverly used.

They played in the Mohave tent, and some people were around me saying it’s cool they can get so close to a band who’s going to be big.

Take note if you’re going Weekend 2.

Matt and Kim


This was a big highlight for me. I missed Matt and Kim when they first played Coachella in 2010 because the tent was overflowing with people and I couldn’t get in.

I did catch them at Sunset Strip Music Festival and you can’t help but fall in love with their energy.

This year, on the main stage, they were really dynamic and fun. They are the one act that brings pure joy because of their crazy energy and fun, upbeat music.

Oh yeah, and it was pretty dirty.

Some of the things they said in between were insane.

They talked about the streaker from their first show, and how the guy was well endowed. Kim said she was hoping he would return to show Matt how to do the helicopter.

The rest will only make me blush.

But the show just created this great energy at the Coachella stage, including a very cool thing they did with the fans and balloons.


On a show like this, Matt and Kim ended it the only way they could. They removed their tops.


I challenge anyone to find a show that has more energy and more fun. Matt and Kim are simply one of the best live acts around.

Cold War Kids


One of the great rock n roll bands around, Cold War Kids put on a strong show.

It’s another group where you wonder why they are on so early and not the main stage.

They have had an array of hits in recent year, and a deep catalog beforehand.

Plus, they’re a LA group and talked about how it’s a big deal playing at Coachella.

Leader singer Nathan Willet has one of the unique voices in rock. I walked in just as they completed my favorite song, “Miracle Mile.” But “First” is one of the top songs last year, and “Hang Me Out To Dry” is an enduring classic.

But I know this won’t be the last time Cold War Kids will be at Coachella.

Crystal Fighters


I went to this show blind, but it was highly recommended by a trusted friend. And she was right.

Crystal Fighters have a fun sound and as the show progressed, the more I liked them.

One song that really caught me was “Plage,” that will be purchased very soon. I also discovered “You and I.”

I’m glad I did catch them. They’re one of those delightful discoveries you can find at Coachella is you keep an open mind.

The 1975


I caught them in 2014, and success must be good to them as Mathew Healy was sporting a blazer.

But still no shirt. It’s just a cruel reminder that I need to hit the gym.

Actually, Healy did have a shirt in 2014, he just didn’t button it.

I only caught the last part of their set, walking in on their biggest hit, “Chocolate,” but I also caught their newest hit, “The Sound” that is now my favorite song from them.

These guys are big and will only get bigger. Maybe next time Healy will wear a shirt, and button up, please.

Miike Snow


One of the band I was really looking forward to, Miike Snow had an unusual show.

The music was great, and Andrew Wyatt is one of the most interesting front men in music.

I was surprised by how far back their set was. It created more of a buffer between the fans and the band.

I had missed Miike Snow when they were at Coachella on 2012, but glad I caught them.

I think “Animal” was one of the best songs in a while, and “Paddling Out” from their sophomore CD is fantastic.

This year, Miike Snow comes in on the strength of “Genghis Khan,” a huge hit that is propelling the band even higher.

The show wasn’t what I expected, but it certainly was compelling.











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