Observations about Coachella on 420 Day


By Leighton Ginn

As I enjoy a 20-gallon bottle of cranberry juice, I have to admit I’ve never smoked pot. But I think I’ve been to enough concerts to at least have some knowledge.

So here are some random thoughts as they relate to Coachella as we are in the midway point between the two weekends.

Coachella cologne: If I were to come up with a scent to capture the real Coachella experience, it would be a combination of body odor and pot.

Amnesty shamnesty: So Coachella have these amnesty boxes for people before they enter the grounds. When you inhale, you wonder exactly how effective this is, and exactly where can you get some brownies or girl scout cookies.

If we were in Colorado or Washington, I’m sure this wouldn’t be a big deal.

Security at Coachella seems more concerned with confiscating your aerosol cans of sunblock than substances.

Sharapova sighting: A month ago, tennis star Maria Sharapova announced she was suspended when her drug test revealed she took meldonium, a heart medication recently added to the list of banned substances.

Sharapova said she had been using the drug for years to address her own health issues and neglected to read emails about meldonium being added to banned list at the start of 2016.

I hope she double checked the banned list for marijuana, because with all  the second-hand smoke, it could be problems. Just in case, I got some extra cranberry juice if you need it.

Oh Molly: Everyone have their own thoughts on the morality of marijuana. But over Weekend 1.

But there is also use of ecstasy at the festival. And if you don’t think Mollys are a problem, consider this: I heard about three instances of people hooking up in the port-a-potties.

MDMA is a hell of a drug.

Serious note: Twice while waiting to get into the polo grounds, two girls had fainted. A friend of mine saw a third as well.

Be careful when you are at Coachella. The extreme heat is taxing on the body. If you drink or use substances, it could invite problems.

When I worked at the local papers, I was told the emergency rooms at the hospital have to prepare especially for Coachella because of substance-related issues.

So drink a lot of water and have fun, but beware of pushing it.





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