Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Today to Talk About Prince



By Leighton Ginn

I just couldn’t believe it.

I still can’t believe it.

A world without Prince is just a little less colorful, a little less joyful.

I grew up a Michael Jackson guy, but always loved Prince. As I got older, that began to change. But it was just splitting hair between the two.

Both geniuses.

How lucky was I to go through my high school years with “Thriller” and “Purple Rain.”

But I liked Prince’s pre-Purple Rain stuff.

Yes, “Little Red Corvette” is the dirtiest classic, and “1999” will go down as one of the great party songs. But I loved the funky “I Wanna Be You Lover,” “Controversy,” and “Uptown.”

Later generations will remember “Kiss” and “Raspberry Beret. “

What frustrates me about Prince is that he doesn’t make his music available on YouTube. I understand and respect him wanting to protect his intellectual property, but I always want to share his older classics.

I want them to see his dance moves on “Little Red Corvette” which still mesmerizes me.

At least I can still see his mind-blowing guitar solo at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame where he outshined several legends during “My Guitar Gently Weeps.” I think my jaw drops every time.

My greatest Coachella moment was actually getting to see Prince in Coachella

I was excited for that one for weeks.

He was a late addition, and it felt like when they got Prince, it took the festival up to a whole other level.

And he didn’t disappoint.

The show opened with Morris Day and Jerome doing a quick medley of “Jungle Love” and “The Bird” from the film “Purple Rain.” Sheila E was there too, ripping it on the drums.

But Prince was the headliner, telling the fans they are in the coolest place on Earth right here, right now. And he repeatedly had a weird pronunciation of Coachella that me and my friends still laugh about.

What people might know most about Prince’s Coachella performance is his cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.”

Years earlier, I made it out to Minneapolis, and got to Prince’s home venue that was made legendary in “Purple Rain.”

In later years, Prince was the subject of one of the funniest bits on the “Chappelle Show,” when Charlie Murphy remembered a time playing basketball against the diminutive Prince and got beat badly, only to be served pancakes the next day.

Game Blouses



There was a great interview Chappelle from Jimmy Fallon, talking about how Prince used  his image for one of his CDs. There’s also a great story about Kanye West.

Prince also had an eye for talent and brought a spotlight to Minnesota. It was sad earlier this year when Prince’s former girlfriend Vanity has passed away. He had an eye for beautiful women as well.

Goodnight sweet Prince, as we will all shed purple tears. Rest in peace as we will continue to celebrate your life and music.




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