Now I really believe Manny Pacquiao is retired … well 95 percent sure


Manny Pacquiao shakes hands with HBO Sports executive vice president Peter Nelson after concluding his post-fight press conference on April 9. Pacquiao had just beaten Timothy Bradley by unanimous decision.



By Leighton Ginn

Before announcing his fight against Timothy Bradley on April 9, Manny Pacquiao had said it would be his last fight.

However, his promoters Top Rank never called it a farewell fight, and during the promotion, Pacquiao had hedged on his retirement, leaving the door open to coming back.

But one question that was never asked Pacquiao was if he would stay retired if he didn’t win a senate seat in his home of the Philippines.

If Pacquiao would have failed to gain a senate seat, why would he stay retired? Pacquiao would have a lot more time on his hands as he wouldn’t have a political office, and he’ll have a lot of free time.

And in their three fights, Pacquiao looked his best against Bradley on April 9, scoring two knockdowns before winning with a unanimous decision. Pacquiao had never knocked Bradley down in their first two fights.

But this week, it appears Pacquiao did secure a senate seat, making it unlikely Pacquiao would return. With an important office like a senator, Pacquiao probably wouldn’t have as much time to train as he would like, although he did maintain his career while serving as a Congressman.

At 37-years old, it becomes more of a challenge to maintain a high level of fitness to perform at a high level.

In various reports, promoter Bob Arum, the founder of Top Rank, has said a rematch against Floyd Mayweather seems unlikely. And that seems like the only fight that would be worth Pacquiao’s while to come out of retirement.

And if his Bradley victory is his final fight, it will be an impressive and ideal end to Pacquiao’s career, a convincing victory over a fighter who figures to be a future Hall of Famer.

However, boxers have a hard time staying retired. It seems unlikely now that Pacquiao would return, but only time will tell.


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