French Open needs to upgrade security after past breaches, terror attacks


By Leighton Ginn

In the past, the French Open security has been sketchy. That’s putting it nicely.

Last year, Roger Federer saw fans get on a practice court and then on the match court following his first-round victory.

What is so surprising is how long it took for security to address the situation. Luckily it was just a fan. But you can’t help but wonder, what if it was something dangerous?

The most disturbing thing is, this wasn’t the first such incident at the French Open, or the first involving Federer.

Courtney Nguyen documented these incidents last year in Sports Illustrated.

But you would expect security to be tighter after what happened in 2009, when a fan got on the court and tried to forcibly put a hat on Federer. Again, it took security a while to take care of the incident.

This year, Roger Federer has pulled out of the French Open because he’s not 100 percent after knee surgery. After all these incidents, one wonders if these incidents in the past had an impact on his decision.

In 2013, Rafael Nadal had to deal with his own situation from an anti-gay protester with a flare. He was close enough to Nadal to make you nervous.


The reality is, France has become a volatile place after the terrorist attacks in November.

I don’t know if the French Open has taken its security lightly. But with these incidents, and how much Paris is changing after the Nov. 13 attack, it is paramount security should be much better.

So far, the players have been asked about the security. And Nadal has expressed confidence in security.

“I believe,” Nadal said, “that people who organize the event and the whole city is 100 percent focused on making the event safe for everybody, not only for the players. For the fans and everybody.”

Because in each of those incidents in these videos, was security good enough to stop what happened to Monica Seles 23 years ago?

Didn’t anyone learn from this?



Finally, here’s a look at Jesse Hughes and the rest of Eagle of Death Metal, whose concert was attacked by terrorist in Paris.




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