A performance from Florence + The Machine that will bring you to tears

By Leighton Ginn

Just as I was looking up some YouTube videos for another blog, I ran across these with Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine.

In the video above, Florence sings “Shake It Off,” for the patient, whose name isn’t listed.

According to the description, the 15-year-old patient was unable to attend Florence’s concert in Austin. So Florence came to the hospice to serenade her.

These videos are listed from HospiceAustin1, and the facility is Hospice Austin’s Christopher House.

Below is Florence performing “Dog Days Are Over.”

And finally, below is a video of Florence + The Machine performing “Shake It Off,” at the Austin concert the patient missed.



Someone with the YouTube handle of Catutube88. I’m going to guess from the other videos she’s a family member of Karinya “Yaya,” that was seen in the earlier video. It’s the full performance of “Shake It Off.

And here is the full version of “Dog Days Are Over” where you see Florence trying to figure out how to sing it.

And finally, this is “Kiss with a Fist” which Florence hasn’t really done much.

And here’s a post-concert story by the local news.

UPDATE: Here are Facebook posts from the Hospice in Austin, where the nurses give the back story. There is also a link to donate to Hospice Austin.







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