Bands I’d like to see at Coachella 2017 who haven’t been there before


By Leighton Ginn

Guns N Roses reunited at Coachella, and hell didn’t freeze over. So anything is possible at the Indio Polo Grounds.

There are several acts who have not performed at Coachella, and here’s hoping they will find their way into the 2017 lineup.



This is a dream reunion. Coachella built its bones on alternative music, and REM were at the very top. It’s surprising they haven’t played together.

It’s been four years since they’ve disbanded, but lead singer Michael Stipe has been performing with a beard that was nearly ZZ Top proportions. He’s been seen singing at David Bowie tributes and supporting Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Hopefully these public appearances will stoke the fire for Stipe to reunite with his band mates.



There was talk U2 would appear at Coachella when they were asked during the Palm Springs International Film Festival by Bruce Fessier of the local newspaper in 2014. But it never materialized, although the interest was mutual. I gotta think this is still a possibility. This was covered in a past blog.

Predicting 2014 headiners for Coachella

U2 is a big arena band, but playing in the California desert might be good for their career. Tickets for their arena shows are astronomical. Well, so are Coachella tickets.

But U2 could open itself up to a different demographic and build its audience. If that is possible.


I am surprised Wigmore has not played Coachella yet. She has a great array of songs, and a strong following. I’ve seen her twice, and been blown away both times.

Reviews are below

Make it a double of Gin Wigmore

Gin Wigmore stirs up echoes at legendary Troubadour to end US Tour run


They are a local band that’s worked really hard and this summer seems like they could be on the brink of something. XM’s Alt Nation has been playing their latest song, “Run or Hide” in heavy rotation.

This is an up-and-comer that’s in the mold of other great bands Coachella has helped launch.

Long wait is over for Run River North


They were actually a guest of The Chainsmokers during Weekend 1, but haven’t played as an act at the Indio Polo Grounds.

But why they haven’t been at Coachella is puzzling.

They’ve performed in a lot of big events, including NBA All-Star Weekend and during the NFL Super Bowl weekend. “Shut Up And Dance With Me,” is a monster hit and “Anna Sun” is such an idyllic summer song that they seem like a natural.

However, when I got to meet lead singer Nick Petricca, I had mentioned how I hoped to see them at Coachella and he seemed a little uncomfortable, as if negotiations have been a struggle. I hope I read that wrong, but that was two years ago, and they’ve only gotten bigger.

And still haven’t been at Coachella.


Why not have the legendary songwriter and musician of the Beach Boys? I remember a few years when Coachella had Leonard Cohen, and there was just something so idyllic about Cohen singing “Hallelujah” on a clear Desert night. I can imagine that with Wilson singing “God Only Knows.”

Maybe Wilson is more suited for Desert Trip, as his legend shines just as bright.


I didn’t really consider him before because he had regular shows in Vegas, but with Calvin Harris headlining last year, there’s no reason to pass on this music legend.

So many hits, he could fill a whole day.

Like Brian Wilson, he could also play Desert Trip. Probably should.


I thought this might be a possibility last year with a new CD out and world tour, but it didn’t happen.

Sometimes ELO gets lost in the crowd for whatever the reason, but the music is legendary. People have heard the songs, but don’t know it’s ELO.


The puzzling thing about Coachella is how there has not been a female headlining act since Bjork in 2007. I feel like they have to go big to end this. Adele doesn’t do many festivals, so for her to do Coachella would make it special.

There’s a lot of huge female artists who could fill the spot, but Adele would be the perfect fit.

Coachella is overdue for a female headliner





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