Bodybuilder Travis Ely wins with pizza, and once lost with pizza


By Leighton Ginn

Palm Springs bodybuilder Travis Ely uses greasy pizza as a secret weapon for his shows, which has worked for the most part.

Ely will eat pizza the night before a show. He said for him, the grease will help him bring out the definition in his body as he dries out, or dehydrates himself.

So far, it’s been pretty successful as Ely has won four of the eight shows he’s competed in the welterweight class and two overall titles. Ely’s worst showing was fourth, which he blames on bad pizza and said he will never go to that franchise again.

Ely is preparing for his ninth show, the NPC West Coast in Riverside, Calif. The show is in Riverside, Calif., on June 18 at the Fox Performing Arts Center.

NPC West Coast

Ely said he’s trained for 20 weeks to prepare as he moves up from welterweight (154 pounds to 176) to light heavyweight (176-198). In order to prepare, Ely said he made some major changes to his training routine in order to add mass.

A native of Milwaukee, Ely served in the military before settling down in Palm Springs, where he met his wife Shauna.

While working as a personal trainer at Palm Springs Fitness Center, Shauna encouraged Ely to “push himself.”

Figuring he also had the genetics, Ely gave it a shot and has found success. He has also been featured in Iron Man Magazine.








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  1. The Smiling Pilgrim · June 20, 2016

    Wow those are some very strong looking arms


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