With a new coach and a new outlook, doubles champion Vasek Pospisil upset No. 1 Andy Murray in singles

3-11-17 Vasil Pospisil


By Leighton Ginn

INDIAN WELLS — Vasek Pospisil said comparing his doubles title at Wimbledon and Saturday night’s upset of No.1 Andy Murray is something he can’t really do.

But he can say that beating Murray 6-4, 7-6 is a high point of his singles career.

“Obviously to beat the No. 1 player in the world is incredible,” Pospisil said. “I mean, it’s the biggest win of my career, and I’m just thrilled right now.”

In order to get into the main draw, Pospisil had to play through qualifying. But since the off season, Pospisil made several necessary changes after struggling throughout 2016.

With the work he put in, Pospisil began to feel the drive that he was losing during his difficult 2016.

“I had a tough year last year for many, many different reasons. I feel the last couple months I really found my hunger and my motivation to be back on the court training hard again,” Pospisil said. “I have been very pleased with that, more than anything, the last few weeks, the last couple of months.

“I felt like a big result was coming, because I believe in my abilities, but just kind of had to put the pieces together again.”

One of his additions was Mark Woodforde, the doubles great who lives in nearby Rancho Mirage.

While Woodforde was one-half of the Woodies, one of the winningest doubles team that is in the Hall of Fame, Pospisil liked that Woodforde was a top singles player as well.

“He has a lot of wisdom and he’s been around for many years,” Pospisil said. “I felt like he could help me kind of discover more about my game and how I want to play. He’s been a great addition, and I’m very pleased with the progress that we have made so far.

“Obviously everything takes time. So the first couple months we were still learning a lot about each other, and now it seems that things are going the right direction.”




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